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Wills and Trusts

Bereavement Care Advice on Family Financial Security When You are Gone

When someone close to you dies the shock and grief can feel overwhelming. more

IT Law

Legal aspects of the UK cryptocurrency market

When buying and selling cryptocurrency, it is important to understand the legal side of the process. more


How to Apply to be a Foster Carer

Commercial Law

Losing the Lot - How Does Company Insolvency Affect Pensions?


New Driving Laws Come Into Force In 2017

Personal Injury

Everything You Need To Know About No Win No Fee In Personal Injury Claims

If you have claimed, or wish to claim for a personal injury then it is likely you have heard of the concept, ‘no win, no fee’. However, very few people understand what this means in practice. Do you have to pay for any expert witnesses? Can a solicitor sneak in extra charges? If I lose, do I have to pay the other sides costs? more

IT Law

How the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Will Affect Your Organisation

The UK’s Data Protection Act was passed almost twenty years ago. Since then, the collection and use of data by organisations, both public and private has changed enormously. Mobile phones now dominate how we receive and assimilate data. Giant corporations like Google and Facebook keep track of your online activities, so they can sell the information to advertisers and governments are demanding ‘big brother’ powers to access citizens’ data to protect people from terrorist attacks. more

Commercial Law

Have You Considered Franchising?

There comes a point where every business owner needs to consider what is the best way to grow their business. If you have built up a solid brand and a proven business model, you might want to consider franchising. more

Information Technology

Could AI Replace The Lawyer?


Two Simple Ways to Ensure You Maintain Your Tier 2 Sponsor Licence

Residential Property

Taking Control - Collective Enfranchisements


The Nine Protected Characteristics Explained


How Third-Party Litigation Funding Can Be Used By Businesses

Commercial Law

The Role of a Notary in Maritime Matters

Civil Litigation

My House, My (Shoddy) Castle


The Rise of Slavery – Why Do We Ignore This Most Heinous Of Crimes?

Personal Injury

The Agony Of Mesothelioma


Setting up a Company in China


Brexit and Farming – A Shaky Future?

Commercial Law

All You Need To Know About Breach Of Commercial Contracts

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Commercial property (6147)

Search for a solicitor to advise you on landlord and tenant issues, break clauses, alterations, repossession, rent, and rent reviews. Our selected solicitors understand the legislation surrounding the commercial property and can advise you accordingly.

Business and Commercial (5917)

Business and commercial matters require expert advice. Solicitors featured on our site can assist you with all types of commercial law matters including contracts, finance, starting a company and drafting partnership and shareholder agreements.

Commercial litigation (5636)

Having a dispute over a commercial contract or unpaid debt? Has someone infringed your IP rights? Then search through our carefully selected list of commercial litigation solicitors and find the right one for you and your business.

Children (4035)

If you need advice on child arrangement orders, paying child support, guardianship, adoption or preventing child abduction, our selection of family solicitors have the right expertise and experience to assist you.

Conveyancing (3907)

Buying or selling a house? Use our Find a Solicitor search tool to select an experienced conveyancing solicitor. A good conveyancer will run the right searches and complete the transaction on time. We select solicitors who are friendly, efficient and thorough in their work.

Employment (2313)

Whether you are an employer or an employee, you can search our site to find an employment solicitor to help you. Our selection of experienced lawyers can advise you on a range of employment law matters including disputes, settlement agreements, employment contracts, and discrimination.

Banking (2116)

Need help with project finance, Islamic finance or understanding securities? By searching through our website, you are guaranteed to find the right banking law specialist for you.

Criminal (1894)

If you need a criminal solicitor, you are guaranteed to find a solicitor on Solicitors Guru who can fight for you in court. You need the best representation if you are charged with an offence. Let us help you find it!

Family Law (1884)

Family law issues require a competent and sensitive solicitor. You can find a solicitor with an abundance of both qualities on Solicitors Guru. We can help you find the right legal advice regarding all family matters including divorce, children, spousal maintenance and more.

More Areas of Law (46)

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By reading through the reviews, you can evaluate whether or not a particular law firm is right for you. It will help you find a solicitor you can trust in your area.

Better be safe than sorry

When it comes to resolving a dispute, buying a property, starting a business or signing a contract, some people would rather take a risk that than spend money on legal fees. Many of them later regret making that decision. It is better to find and hire a solicitor than risk losing a large sum of money.

Investing in expert legal advice can save you thousands of pounds in the long-run. Property deals that fall through, commercial contracts that are drafted not in your favour, a dispute ending up in court. All these potential catastrophes can be easily avoided if you find a solicitor to provide clear and concise advice before you sign any paperwork.

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