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We are dedicated to finding the right solicitor for our users. You will also find hundreds of legal articles, blogs and guides to assist you with understanding the different areas of law and how they apply to you.

Let us help you with find the best lawyer in your area, who is also an expert on your legal matter.
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Rated and reviewed

We have provided an opportunity for past and present clients of a particular law firm to rate the practice and write a review about their experience.
Reviewers are encouraged to comment on:

  • the service they receive
  • the approachability and friendliness of the law firm
  • the reasonableness of the fees charged
  • the knowledge and experience of the solicitor they instructed
  • their responsiveness to emails and phone calls

By reading through the reviews, you can evaluate whether or not a particular law firm is right for you. This will assist you to find a solicitor in your area who you can easily work with.

Instructing a solicitor

When it comes to resolving a dispute, buying property, starting a business or signing a contract, some people would rather risk that all will be OK than spend money on legal fees.
Many a person has regretted this decision.

Investing in expert legal advice can save your thousands of pounds in the long-run. Property deals that fall through, commercial contracts that are loaded in the other party’s favour, a dispute ending up in court; all these potential catastrophes can be easily avoided if you find a solicitor to provide clear, concise advice before any paperwork is signed.

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