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Five Ways To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

dentity theft is very real in today’s digital world. Many of us now bank and shop online and these online transactions provide the perfect stage for criminals to assume your identity and defraud you, your bank or the business you are buying goods or services from. The ‘good’ ones rip off all three. Here are five ways you can protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft. more

Away In The Clouds – Outsourcing You Organisation’s IT?

IT outsourcing is the transfer of information technology processes or services by a customer to a third party supplier, instead of the customer performing the IT functions itself. The term encompasses a wide range of specific types of transaction, each with their own distinct set of challenges and issues. The contracting for each type of IT outsourcing must be carefully considered by customers, suppliers and their respective advisers in order to reach a good deal for all, both at the commencement of the transaction and as the technology matures and evolves over the transaction’s term. more

Protecting Your Client’s Data – The Eight Key Principles

There are eight key principles under the Data Protection Act 1998 that any person or organisation handling data must comply with. These are: more

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