Brexit and the UK Economy – Predictions for 2017

The world was shocked by two major events in 2016, the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States and Brexit. Many predictions were made about how Brexit would cause the British and EU economy to collapse. The pound did fall dramatically, in fact, in October 2016, it fell to its lowest level in 31 years. However, foreign companies such as Facebook and Google continued to invest in their London operations, consumers continued to spend, the economy grew by 0.6 percent in the three months to September 2016, interest rates remained low and employment high. more

Why EEA Nationals Living In The UK Need To Get A Permanent Residence Card

On 24th January 2016, the Supreme Court passed its ruling on an appeal by the UK Government on whether the Secretary of State could trigger Brexit without obtaining permission from Parliament by exercising Royal Prerogative powers. The 11 learned judge ruled that a Bill must be put before Parliament. Only then could Article 50 be triggered, beginning the formal process of the UK leaving the EU. more

The High Court Judgment on Brexit – Common Myths Debunked

One 3rd November 2016, three of Britain’s top judges in the High Court ruled that Theresa May cannot exercise royal prerogative to trigger Article 50; Parliament must make the decision. more

Will Brexit Be Too ‘Hard’ For Britain To Handle?

Last week the President of the EU Council, Donald Tusk said there was no ‘soft Brexit’. Speaking at a conference in Brussels, Mr Tusk dashed the hopes of those hoping Britain could remain inside the EU’s single market or negotiate some special form of association. The tenor of the UK’s referendum campaign had been to, “radically loosen relations with the EU, something that goes by the name of ‘hard Brexit’” he said. more

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