Residential Landlord And Tenant

A History of UK Landlord and Tenant Law

The legal relationship between landlords and tenants is one of the most important in history. If the owners of land refused to let people live and work on their land, food could not be grown, stock could not be kept and many people would be homeless. But how did it all begin? When and where did the concept of English landlord and tenant law begin and how has it developed into the system we know today? more

Stop Noisy Neighbours - Legal Advice

Britain is a crowded little island; home to 64.1 million people. So like it or not (and most people don’t), living here means residing very close to your neighbours. more

Taking Action Against Your Landlord for Disrepair

If your rented property is in serious need of repair and your landlord has ignored your repeated requests to fix the problem/s, then you may be able to take court action to get them to fix the problem & provide you with compensation more

Help! My Landlord Has Evicted Me

Whether or not you have been a blameless tenant, an eviction notice from your landlord is a frightening occurrence, after all the prospect of being made homeless is not a pleasant one. If you have been informed by your landlord that your tenancy is to come to an abrupt end, this question and answer guide will assist you in deciding your next steps. more

When do I Need to Apply for Planning Permission?

If you have plans to renovate your residential property, then you will need to be aware of the planning permission rules surrounding the work you wish to undertake. more

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