Help, I Have Been Charged With Being In Possession of Drugs!

If you have been caught in possession of an illegal substance you will need to obtain legal advice as this offence can carry a prison sentence (although this would normally not be handed down on a first offence). To help you understand the law surrounding possession of controlled drugs, we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions. more

Are You Mad?

Is someone who commits a criminal act mad or evil? If a jury decide the accused in a criminal trial is the former, they can return a verdict of ‘not guilty by reason of insanity’ under Trial of Lunatics Act 1883. more

Sexual Abuse in Football – Can Compensation Be Claimed By The Victims?

Last week the nation was shocked by a number of professional footballers coming forward to claim that as children, they had been sexually abused by their coaches. more

What is burglary?

The offence of burglary is defined under the Theft Act 1968. To be found guilty of the offence the prosecution must prove, beyond reasonable doubt that: more

What To Do If Your Dog Is Seized For Aggressive Behaviour

There are around 10 million dogs in the UK and most of them are well-behaved and safe around other people and animals. However, some dogs can behave aggressively, and may be seized by the police as a consequence. If you are an owner, having your dog taken away from you can be devastating. This guide explains the steps you can take to have your dog returned to you. more

Can I go to Prison for Possessing Drugs?

If you are caught in possession of a controlled drug you have committed an offence under UK law. You are unlikely to face incarceration for a first offence; however, there will be serious consequences to face if you are caught. more

What Support is Available for Victims of Crime?

Victims of crime often feel that all the support available is aimed at the accused, rather than them. However, under the Victim’s Code (the Code), the police and the courts have a duty to impart certain information and provide support to victims of crime. more

What Happens If You Are Charged With Common Assault And/Or Battery

The terms ‘assault’ and ‘battery’, are classed as Summary Offences under the Criminal Justice Act 1988.  Both charges can lead to incarceration of the accused if he or she is found guilty; therefore, it is advisable to seek legal advice from an experienced criminal solicitor upon arrest. more

How To Get Bail

‘Bail’ can be defined as the release of a person who has been arrested, granted either by the police or the Court, on the condition that they attend court or return to the police station on a specified date.  more

Criminal Injuries Compensation

If you suffer injury as a victim of a crime involving violence then you may be eligible to apply to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) for compensation. more

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