Professional Negligence

Time-Barred! – Avoiding the Professional Negligence Limitation Period

Professional negligence can cost individuals and businesses a great deal of time, money and stress. You must make a claim for compensation within six years of the breach of contract or loss resulting from the negligent act occurring, otherwise you claim will be barred by the court for being out of time. more

Professional Rip-Off?

In today’s high-tech, highly-specialised world, we are more reliant than ever on professionals to provide us with advice that we must rely on fully, because frankly, most of the time we have no clue about the particular issue or area they are advising us on. more

Can You Sue Your Vet If Your Pet Is Injured or Dies In Their Care?

Losing your beloved pet is a traumatic event and for many, just as painful as losing a family member. If your pet’s death was a result of negligent treatment by the vet who was supposed to care for them, or veterinary treatment caused your pet serious injury, do you have a right to claim compensation? We investigate. more

Claiming for Medical Negligence

If we are injured or unwell we put our trust in health professionals to not only discover what our ailment is, but how to cure it.  However, sometimes medical professionals get it wrong, which can lead to patient’s suffering further damage or even death. This guide is designed to help people understand what constitutes medical negligence and what to do if they believe they have been a victim of it. more

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