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Do you require a solicitor to help you register a patent, design right or trademark? Has someone breached your copyright? You can find an expert intellectual property (IP) solicitor on our website today. (more...)

A brief guide to UK IP law in the UK

The World Intellectual Property Office defines IP as 'creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; design; and symbols, names and images used in commerce'. Broadly, the aim of IP law is to cultivate an environment in which creativity and invention can flourish. Protection of IP rights means those that invest time and resource in creating and developing IP can reap benefit from their investment. By registering (where necessary), maintaining and enforcing IP rights, a rights holder can prevent people stealing or copying valuable assets such as: brand names and logos; inventions; design and look of products; written content; photographs and artwork. In the UK, intellectual property rights are registered with the Intellectual Property Office(IPO) though there are other entities which register rights at an EU or international level.

Infringement of IP rights

IP owners should be vigilant when it comes to protecting their rights and always consider action when they become aware of IP infringement. Often, time will be of the essence because the infringing acts may be causing the right holder to lose revenue. In the UK, IP infringement claims are heard in the Chancery Division of the High Court or, for less complex and lower value claims, the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC), a specialist list within the Chancery Division.

How Solicitors Guru can help

Our unique website will assist you in finding the best IP lawyer in your area for your legal matter. We have carefully selected IP solicitors who understand not only the law, but business as well. Each law firm is ranked by former clients who may have also left comments.

To find the right IP lawyer for you, start searching through Solicitors Guru today.

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Clifford Miller Languages: English Address: Burnhill House, 50 Burnhill Road, Upper Elmers End, Greater London, BR3 3LA, England Tel: 020 8 663 0044 No reviews yet
Barry Shaw Languages: German Address: 86 Crown Woods Way, Avery Hill, Greater London, SE9 2NN, England Tel: 020 8850 7976 No reviews yet
Mackarness & Lunt Languages: English Address: 16 High Street, Weston, Hampshire, GU32 3JJ, England Tel: 01730 265111 No reviews yet
Whatley & Co Languages: English, French Address: 42 Sinclair Road, London, Greater London, W14 0NH, England Tel: 020 7603 7225 No reviews yet
R.i. Yonge Solicitors Languages: English Address: Pilgrims, Marley Lane, Critchmere, Surrey, GU27 3RF, England Tel: 01428 644219 No reviews yet
Adlex Solicitors Languages: English Address: 76a Belsize Lane, South Hampstead, Greater London, NW3 5BJ, England Tel: 020 7317 8404 No reviews yet
Bunker International Group Limited Languages: English Address: 14-16 Brewer Street, London, Greater London, W1F 0SG, England Tel: 0207 368 4282 No reviews yet
Ipex Capital Management Limited Languages: English Address: 301 Harbour Yard, Chelsea Harbour, London, Greater London, SW10 0XD, England Tel: 0207349 0140 No reviews yet
Physio First Languages: English Address: Flat 2 9 Chestnut Avenue, Tuckton, Dorset, BH6 5HT, England Tel: 01202 417627 No reviews yet
Baxter Healthcare Limited Languages: English Address: Wallingford Road, East Ilsley, Berkshire, RG20 7QW, England Tel: 01635 206 000 No reviews yet
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