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Cornices C.
26 September 2018
We are a successful an established high-quality fibrous plaster business in London. Before meeting Peter Adediran of PAIL Solicitors in 2017, there were five separate companies trying to push us out of our market share by infringing on our trademarks and the copyright works in our website. We felt that if we did not do something we would go bankrupt. Peter Adeniran’s work bringing proceedings successfully on all the companies trying to push us out of our market share has made a significant difference to our business. Now we will be able to focus on our business knowing that the use of our brand is protected and that our competitors will not be able to trade on our reputation or damage it. Peter Adeniran’s work has been remarkable. His knowledge and experience of copyright and trademark law defeated the best efforts of four different large well-resourced law firms over a two-year period that did their best to run defences and counterclaims to thwart our resolve. As a successful UK business, I highly recommend Peter Adediran at PAIL Solicitors for intellectual property disputes. But it wasn’t just about Peter’s obvious knowledge and breadth of experience. He was also approachable, and always communicated well with us, continually informing us of what was going on. This openness and good communication gave us the courage to continue when we might have given up. It is natural to hesitate before spending money on legal services but in Peter’s case, it is money very well spent. Managing Director Cornices Centre Limited
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