Speeding penalties topping the fines list in UK. The problem on the rise

In the UK as for the year of 2014 there are more than 46 million drivers (24 million male and 22 million female motorists), and this audience is imposed to a huge number of fines and penalties. The scope of the problem becomes bigger with years, and it turns out that the top of the list of the most popular penalties on UK roads has its well-established tradition that doesn’t seem to be changed in the foreseeable future. So let’s have a closer look at the state of affairs on the pantheon of traffic code violations.

Speeding fines, speeding tickets… Brits go above the limits

The penalty for speeding is the most common road code violation. The penalty depends on the severity of the violation, but in minor cases it will be £65 when you make a payment within the first 2 weeks, increased to £130 upon expiry of the 2 weeks period. From 3 to 6 penalty points are imposed on the driver, while the maximum fine - £2,500 for particularly heinous offenders. Those motorists exceeding the speed by more than 50% risk to have their licenses disqualified. According to statistics, more than 2 million drivers get penalty points and fines for speeding (1,625,211 men and 721,156 women) annually. The minimum revenue from these penalties is estimated at £130 million.

There are debates that exceeding the limit without getting penalised is still possible, so what borderline values? A driving instructor from Manchester, who asked not to disclose his name told us that according to the stats, the violations within 10% from the allowed speed are penalised in roughly 50% of cases. So if the limit is 30 miles, it is highly likely the camera will detect the offender at a speed of 35 and even 33 miles.

Citizens taking action

27 years old Antony Cull from Shrewton found ingenious in its simplicity way to make drivers more disciplined. After his pet died under the wheels of a wildly careening car, the guy decided to make his own fake video camera, which captures speeding. He used a small box of repainted in yellow, to accurately simulate the original machine. As soon as the camera was installed, the results didn’t take much time to be there. Anthony said that the deceptive device has significantly reduced the speed of traffic, as the fake camera did its job.

Soon, however, dissatisfied fans of riding with the wind recognized the trick and trite stole a yellow box. Surprisingly enough, UK police found the actions of the British quite legal, but the city council forbade him to continue mounting fake cameras on the communal property.

Abroad motorists escaping penalties

Yet another speeding problem. 23,295 foreign citizens who violate traffic rules on the roads in the UK in their cars registered in the countries of continental Europe, got away with the total amount of nearly £4 million.

In Kent alone more than 2200 speed limit violation cases were registered. And the drivers of these vehicles have gone unpunished because their vehicles are not registered with the British licensing agency (DVLA - The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency). Thus, these vehicles can not be tracked, and therefore, their owners can not be subjected to paying the fine.

The most common violation among such cases is speeding in areas where the speed is limited to 50 mph. And the highest rate of offending, recorded in Kent is 111 mph.The head of Automotive Research Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) Neil Greig commented on the situation and noted ‘foreign-breakers can not be unaware of the rules and realize that pose a danger on the roads for themselves as well as for other road users. However, they still violate the speed limit, ignoring the warning signs, because they believe that they will not be punished’.

‘They come out unscathed because we cannot track their vehicles, so the British government should adjust work with other European countries to eventually encourage these drivers to account’, Greig said. The institute has asked the British government to establish the necessary agreements with the governments of the countries of continental Europe that will allow issuing penalties smoothly.

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