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If you have a commercial litigation matter and require expert legal advice, then let us direct you to the most experienced practitioners in your area. (more...)

Commercial litigation covers a wide-range of legal matters. These include:

  • professional negligence
  • tax
  • intellectual property disputes
  • competition law
  • insolvency
  • supply and sale of goods and services
  • invoices not being paid

Breach of contract

A high number of commercial law litigation matters arise out of breach of contract.

No matter what care and effort is made in drafting a contract, the imperfect and imprecise nature of language means there will always be room for difference of opinion on interpretation so that no written contract will be a true reflection of the parties' intentions. Also, despite the protests of the parties at the start of any relationship, there will be a change in their views on the commercial background to the contract and, for sale of goods and supply of services, faultless service or perfect products are not realities.

Where a party fails to perform its obligations without a lawful reason, it is said to be in breach of contract. Breach of contract gives rise to a number of remedies. The remedies will differ depending on the nature of the breach.

Avoiding litigation

Most parties to a commercial litigation dispute will want to avoid going to court, due to the time, money and stress involved in formal litigation proceedings. An experienced commercial litigation solicitor will try and resolve a disagreement by employing alternative dispute resolution procedures such as negotiation, mediation, or arbitration. A majority of commercial disputes settle early, via one of these methods.

How Solicitors Guru can help

By searching or browsing through our website, you can find a commercial litigator in your area to assist you with your legal issue. People who have had experience with the firm in the past have an opportunity to provide a rating and comments, to help you decide which law practice is right for you.

Use Solicitors Guru to find the right commercial litigation solicitor for you today.

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Walker & Co Languages: English, German Address: 82 High Street, Micklebring, South Yorkshire, S66 7BN, England Tel: 01709 817112 No reviews yet
Peacock & Co Languages: English, French, German, Welsh Address: 94 High Street Wimbledon, London, Greater London, SW19 5EG, England Tel: 020 8944 5290 No reviews yet
Scott Rees & Co Languages: Bengali, English, Esperanto Address: Centaur House, Gardiners Place, Crawford, Lancashire, WN8 9SP, England Tel: 01695 722 222 No reviews yet
Brecher Languages: English, French, Gaelic (Irish), Spanish Address: 4th Floor, 64 North Row, London, Greater London, W1K 7DA, England Tel: 020 7563 1000 No reviews yet
Addlestone Keane Solicitors Languages: English Address: G4 Whitehall Waterfront, 2 Riverside Way, Leeds, Kent, LS1 4EH, England Tel: 0113 244 6700 No reviews yet
Leadbeater & Kay Languages: English, Mirpuri, Punjabi, Urdu Address: 1-5 Birch Terrace, Hanley, Staffordshire, ST1 3JN, England Tel: 01782 201933 No reviews yet
Temple Trustees Ltd Languages: English Address: One Glass Wharf, Bristol, Bristol, BS2 0ZX, England Tel: 01179392000 No reviews yet
Hammond Suddards Trustees Limited Languages: Afrikaans, English Address: 7 Devonshire Square, London, Greater London, EC2M 4YH, England Tel: 020 7655 1000 No reviews yet
Stokoe Partnership Languages: Greek, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu Address: The Boatmans, 40 City Road East, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M15 4QF, England Tel: 0161 237 5755 No reviews yet
Sue Tuck & Co Languages: French Address: Suite 291, 56 Gloucester Road, Kensington, London, Greater London, SW7 4UB, England Tel: 0207 385 7733 No reviews yet
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