Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Brexit But Were Afraid To Ask

On 23rd June 2016, the British public took to the polls to vote whether or not to remain in the European Union (EU) or to leave. They voted leave. more


How To Conduct An Employment Disciplinary Hearing

Disciplining employees is not a function many managers relish in. In fact, many will go out of their way to avoid confronting a worker who clearly needs bringing into line. However, the longer a problem like a difficult employee is left to fester, the worse it becomes and you risk bringing down the morale of other staff members if you do not deal with the matter promptly. more


All About Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial Agreements

No one wants to believe that their marriage will not last forever. However, a third of marriages end and financial negotiations in divorce proceedings can be devastating emotionally for both adults and children if they turn nasty. A pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement allows couples to negotiate how they will split their finances before relations sour; therefore, if the marriage does fall apart, there is a pre-agreed document to refer to when splitting marital assets. more


What To Do If Your Dog Is Seized For Aggressive Behaviour

There are around 10 million dogs in the UK and most of them are well-behaved and safe around other people and animals. However, some dogs can behave aggressively, and may be seized by the police as a consequence. If you are an owner, having your dog taken away from you can be devastating. This guide explains the steps you can take to have your dog returned to you. more

Disputes Resolution

Interim Injunctions Explained

An injunction is usually a separate action within a larger claim. It is a discretionary remedy that takes the form of a court order and requires a party to either refrain from doing something (prohibitory) or to specifically do something (mandatory). Where a temporary injunction is put in place pending the outcome of proceedings between the parties this is known as an interim injunction (previously known as an 'interlocutory injunction'). more


I Have Been Caught With No Insurance On My Vehicle

Driving a vehicle without insurance is a serious offence. This guide explains what happens if you are caught driving an uninsured vehicle and the penalties you may face. more

Personal Injury

Everything You Need To Know About No Win No Fee In Personal Injury Claims

If you have claimed, or wish to claim for a personal injury then it is likely you have heard of the concept, ‘no win, no fee’. However, very few people understand what this means in practice. Do you have to pay for any expert witnesses? Can a solicitor sneak in extra charges? If I lose, do I have to pay the other sides costs? more


Everything You Need To Know About Drink and Drug Driving

Drink driving cause injury and death, not only to the drink drivers themselves, but to other road users and pedestrians. Despite the many, well-publicised campaigns over the years, it remains one of the most common offences prosecuted in the Magistrates' Court under the Road Traffic Act (RTA) 1988. more

Residential Landlord and Tenant

Taking Action Against Your Landlord for Disrepair

If your rented property is in serious need of repair and your landlord has ignored your repeated requests to fix the problem/s, then you may be able to take court action to get them to fix the problem & provide you with compensation more


Bringing Your Family From A Non-EU State To Live In The UK

If you are looking to bring your family from a non-EU state to live with you in the UK, there are a number of tests and some strict financial thresholds that applicants must meet before their loved ones can join them. more

Disputes Resolution

Understanding Mediation

Settling a dispute in court is costly, complex and stressful. Therefore, parties to a dispute are encouraged to seek resolution through alternative means such as negotiation, arbitration and mediation. These processes are more cost-effective and allow the people involved to come to an agreement between themselves rather than have a solution imposed on them by a judge. more


Applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain

If you have been in the UK for a certain number of years, you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). ILR (or Permanent Residence) will allow you to live in the UK free from any visa restrictions and eventually apply for British Citizenship. more

Personal Injury

Claiming for a Personal Injury at Work

If you are injured at work, you may be able to claim compensation from your employer if his or her negligence caused the injury to occur. more


Can I go to Prison for Possessing Drugs?

If you are caught in possession of a controlled drug you have committed an offence under UK law. You are unlikely to face incarceration for a first offence; however, there will be serious consequences to face if you are caught. more

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