Two Simple Ways to Ensure You Maintain Your Tier 2 Sponsor Licence

Over the past few years, the Home Office has been clamping down hard on employers who it believes are not in compliance with the Sponsor Licence duties and responsibilities. This has led to the downgrading, suspension and even revocation of Sponsor Licences becoming increasingly common. There are however two steps that businesses can take to ensure they not only maintain their Sponsor Licence but also, crucially, their A-rating. more

Residential Property

Taking Control - Collective Enfranchisements

Are you tired of being a leaseholder? Would you like to own the freehold of your building, so you can make your own decisions without being subject to your landlord’s whims? You may not be aware that subject to various qualifying criteria, tenants who hold long leases of flats have a collective right to buy the freehold of the building containing those flats together with any common areas (e.g. gardens and car parks). This is known as collective enfranchisement. more


The Nine Protected Characteristics Explained

The Equality Act 2010 outlines nine protected characteristics which it is illegal to discriminate against. It can be confusing for employers and employees to know how each characteristic is protected by law. This article is designed to help clear up any confusion. more


How Third-Party Litigation Funding Can Be Used By Businesses

Pursuing litigation using funding provided by a third-party has rapidly gained a strong foothold internationally in the commercial world, becoming increasingly popular in the USA and Australia over the past few years. British lawyers and businesses have on the other hand been reluctant to embrace third-party litigation funding models, for reasons that can be traced to the ancient law of ‘Champerty’ and ‘Maintenance’. more

Commercial Law

The Role of a Notary in Maritime Matters

One of the lesser known functions of a notary involves the notarisation of matters relating to international shipping. Given that for most of civilisation’s history, the sea has been the main avenue for transporting goods and conducting trade between nations, the notary profession has had a long and distinguished involvement in the law of the sea. For example, during the colonisation of America, notaries, who were selected from individuals of the most principled character, where depended upon to provide impartial reports as to the cause of damage or loss of goods at sea. more

Civil Litigation

My House, My (Shoddy) Castle

The housing situation in Britain reached crisis point long ago. Many of those moving into a home of their own are buying new houses, a move that is supported by the government through schemes such as the Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme. But what if your dream new build turns out to be a nightmare of shoddy workmanship and numerous faults? Recently, Bovis Homes, one of the biggest housebuilders in the country was forced to pay £7 million to repair badly built homes have complaints from owners. Does this revelation mean more regulation is needed to ensure newly built homes meet a certain standard? And what can buyers do if their home has numerous serious defects? more


The Rise of Slavery – Why Do We Ignore This Most Heinous Of Crimes?

When you think of the crime of slavery, what period of history does your mind automatically think off? Chances are, like most people, your mind immediately flashes to images of cotton and sugar cane-filled fields in North and South America, being toiled over by African slaves, shipped by the millions through the dreaded ‘middle passage’. more

Personal Injury

The Agony Of Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a death sentence. There is no cure and suffers usually die in agony, gasping for every last breath and finally suffocating. Terrifyingly, the cause of mesothelioma is all around us, in our homes, schools, government buildings and offices. more


Setting up a Company in China

Setting up a company in China requires in-house counsel teams who are tasked with ensuring the correct documentation is in place, to essentially forgo their Western sensibilities regarding how they believe that things ‘should’ work and understand and embrace Chinese corporate culture. Little things make such a difference when working in China. For example, a business card should be handed to the recipient using both hands, with the writing facing them. Also, Chinese people are very concerned about losing/saving face, so it is imperative to keep this in mind when negotiating. more


Brexit and Farming – A Shaky Future?

The agricultural sector stands to lose a lot from Brexit. On average, 60% of incomes from farming rely on EU subsidies. In 2015, the agricultural sector received some €3.1 billion in EU funding. Yet according to the Farmer’s Weekly, 58% of farmers voted for Brexit and UK rural areas favoured leaving the EU more than the cities. So what could be the effects of Brexit on the agricultural sector? more

Commercial Law

All You Need To Know About Breach Of Commercial Contracts

Breaches of contract. Expensive, time-consuming, and something most businesses can do without. They are one of the most common reasons businesses turn to litigation funding. And because contract law permeates over so much of the day to day workings of a business, breaches are inevitable – what matters is the consequences of the breach to your business reputation and bottom line. more

Commercial Law

All About Arbitration

Arbitration is where a dispute is submitted, by agreement of the parties, to one or more arbitrators who make a decision on the disagreement. The decision is final, binding and enforceable throughout domestic and international jurisdictions. Arbitration is used extensively to resolve international contractual disputes. more

Personal Injury

The Montreal Convention and Air Accident Claims

Your bags are packed, and you’re getting the holiday jitters; it is time to enjoy the sunshine or skiing that you have been looking forward to for months, nothing can spoil it for you… more

Residential Property

A Guide to Buying a Holiday Home Abroad

Note: On 23 June 2016, the UK held a referendum on its membership of the EU, with a 52% majority voting in favour of the UK leaving the EU. The legal references in this blog are accurate as at the date of writing, 25th March 2017. Do you dream of watching the sun set on a Greek Island? Or living amongst the locals in a French village, visiting the produce markets and drinking the local wine? Then a holiday home may be the best purchase you ever make. So how do you go about purchasing a holiday home? What are the pitfalls you should watch out for? Our guide will answer all your questions and more. more

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