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Knocked Off Your Bike?

We all know that cycling is a healthy way to get to and from your destination. Fresh air, exercise; cycling has long been a favourite sporting activity of British people. However, you are 17 times more likely to be killed on the road if you are on a bike compared to riding in a car. Cyclists are incredibly vulnerable to serious injuries, especially head and spinal trauma.

The Dangers of Cycling in the Capital

Most cycling accidents in major cities such as London involve Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) or vans.  Transport for London has announced it is investing in segregated “cycle superhighways,” better junctions and “quietway” back-street cycle routes to make it safer for cyclists to ride in the capital.

Despite a drive to increase public awareness, nine cyclists died on London’s roads in 2016. 

What to do if you are Involved in a Cycling Accident

If you are involved in a cycling accident that is not your fault, then in order to claim compensation for any personal injury you receive, make sure you take the following steps:

  • Immediately after the accident, move to a safe place at the side of the road if you can
  • Make sure you or someone else calls the police and an ambulance if required
  • There is a high possibility that you will go into shock, so try an obtain help and the details of any witnesses to the accident as soon as possible
  • Even if you receive only minor injuries, make sure you go to your GP as soon as possible and obtain detailed notes of your condition
  • Take photos of your injury, and if possible, the scene directly after the accident.  If you are unable to do this due to your condition, go back to the scene as soon as you can to take photos, especially if the accident involved a defect in the road
  • Do not accept responsibility or take any money off a vehicle driver involved in the incident
  • As soon as possible, contact a lawyer to establish whether you can make a claim for personal injury

Claiming compensation

If you have been knocked off your bike due to the negligent actions of another person, you may be to claim compensation.  You will need to prove:

  1. The other party owed you a duty of care, and
  2. They breached that duty, and
  3. Their breach caused you to suffer a personal injury.

An experienced personal injury solicitor can quickly assess your situation and let you know if you have a valid claim for compensation.  Although money cannot wind back time and take away any disability you may have because of your accident, it can help fund rehabilitation and remove financial stress.  This will allow you to concentrate on your recovery.

To find an experienced personal injury lawyer in your area, please search through Solicitors Guru today.

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