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Ian M.
06 March 2018
I can not describe how shoddy and unprofessional this company is. I recently had the misfortune to have to deal with them in a matter of probate, and as a result of numerous mistakes on behalf of this firm the matter is still not dealt with 3 years down the line. The Will was written incorrectly by this firm preventing the issue of Probate, an inventory was not taken, the co executor was allowed by this company to enter the property and remove all goods and chattels otherwise bequeathed, without challenge. Removing them as executors due to maladministration cost £6000 and the family are still awaiting settlement. Avoid at all costs!
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mavis e.
06 March 2018
Recently had to deal with this firm after the death of a close friend. An extremely stressful time was made much worse by the way in which this company behaved during the administration of the estate. Lack of communication, rude and aggressive when I did manage to make contact and dereliction of their duty as Executors means that myself and the family are still waiting for this matter to be settled after 3 years. Incompetent and unprofessional, the whole episode has been very distressing.
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Diane M.
06 March 2018
My husband recently had the misfortune to have to deal with Reilly &Co. A solicitor at this firm was appointed as executor for my husband's uncle who passed away in 2015. The whole experience was extremely upsetting. The solicitor failed to get Probate, allowed a co executor to completely ransack and empty the house, abused the beneficiaries, failed to take inventories, inform inland revenue, or indeed execute the Will in any way shape or form. He was rude, aggressive and ineffectual. Finally my husband appointed a new solicitor and after a lengthy and costly process the solicitor at Reilly &Co eventually stepped down as executor. The effect on the family has been devastating at what was a difficult enough time. Avoid this firm at all costs. Aggressive, abusive, ineffectual and downright obstructive, a disgrace to the Legal profession.
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Tracey D.
06 March 2018
I can honestly say that this company are the worst solicitors I have had to deal with. Rude, ignorant, and down right deceitful. Their professionalism and correct legal duties are a disgrace. I would not recommend this company to anybody. I feel we have been ripped off by the solicitors and the other executor of my uncles will. Take my advice and STAY WELL CLEAR.
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