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Sandeep M.
30 October 2019

John R.
14 August 2020
A really unpleasant experience quite unprofessional, wouldn't advise anyone to use this firm of solicitors, in particular if you are approached by them, better to wait and go with one of the more larger firms in local area.
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Sue J.
20 September 2020
Racist, they asked if I knew Rush Hour, and I didn't know what it was, but then I Googled it and realised it was a movie with Asian characters in it. Before that I thought they were poor to average as per service offered but well meaning, however it appears they lie, are rude and indeed are racist as already mentioned. I hope I don't need to use a legal service again, but if I do I suspect I wouldn't go this organisation.
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Hakuna M.
21 September 2020
Seemed like they were natural liars, and though this was good when they were defending me, not so good when they lied to me about small things which made them come across as unprofessional at first but then bigger ones that made them look daft and incompetent. In all a very unpleasant experience, don't be fooled by their initial pleasantries or the perceived curiosity they came across with, as they just want clients. I'm thinking of something positive to say to justify the one star, but in actual fact can't think of anything apart from the way they initially come across but I think thats more of an act then being genuine.
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Anita M.
26 September 2020
Unprofessional, unpleasant and quite rude. I suspect there are far better solicitor firms in the local area, best advice I can give is to stay away from this firm of solicitors.
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Ryan W.
01 October 2020
I have to concur with the other comments on this page about this firm. I'm not quite sure how they still remain running and in business. Not a pleasant experience, something I at first found surprising was the amount they lied, in particular when they knew they were lying that were not ashamed at all to look people straight in the face and continue to not tell the truth. Fortunately there are better organisations out there, so no one needs to use their organisation.
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Kneeknorr C.
31 January 2021
Wish I had read these reviews beforehand, but was approached by them and seemed friendly at first, but absolutely useless to be avoided at all costs!
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Rick K.
24 May 2021
Agree with all the other comments here, though wouldn't give them one star I suspect others have given them one star as you have to to enable you to submit a review. it felt like going through a really slow car crash. I know racism is a hot topic these days and people code the word racism in a number of ways such as microaggressions, culturally insensitive or unintentional. I can state that this organisation is actually outright racist.
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Shayan P.
01 June 2021
Just not a very nice experience, hopefully won't need their services again, as it was a criminal defence matter, once in a lifetime. I wouldn't use this firm, though was approached by an individual, but it was a poor service from the outset. I agree with the majority of the comments on here, though they were not racist towards me, they did use bad and foul language, which I wasn't expecting.
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