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Andrew B.
12 December 2018
If you cherish your sanity, freedom, finances, and the wellbeing of your family and friends, do yourself a favour by avoiding theses guys like the Bubonic Plague. They are particularly poorly set up and completely insensitive with very little regard or concern for the wellbeing of their clients. Their only interest is to maintain you within their worrying system for years so they can continually apply for Legal Aid, this seems to be their modus operandi. Very sad but very true. Simple emails are ignored, and when you call more than a couple of times to express concern you are likely to be told off and the phone call abruptly cut short by a member of staff. My family and I can only describe the service and results they have delivered as pure and utter unadulterated rubbish. Negligent would be a compliment for these guys. Inconsistency and terrible accounting would be a few more good words as they have a particularly high staff turnover, so you’ll find yourself explaining yourself and/or your case from the beginning every time you are in contact with them. They have also lost several of my case documents which is unbelievable for a so called Law Firm.. how can this be?? To add insult on injury, when my family and I decided to move to a top rated Law Firm in the City, the management of Ennon & Co went out of their way to make it as difficult as possible to pass on my case documents. Their excuse was that a Paralegal who has now left the Law Firm incorrectly filled out the Legal Aid Form 6 months prior and that I now owe them £13,000.00, yes thirteen thousand pounds. Despite intense pressure from an ongoing case which has lasted 7 years due to Ennon & Co’s negligence, I am now burdened with the stress of finding thousands of pounds. I have sent dozens of emails / text messages to the owner Deji Adejobi over the space of 2 years expressing my concerns and distress, but I have not received a response to date Further more I have been diagnosed with anxiety and an enlarged heart due to stress caused over the last 7 years. I am 39 years of age! I have been instructed to report them to their governing bodies and I intend to do so over the coming weeks. If you choose to follow through and assign Ennon & Co, then God bless you, Honestly. And if you are reading this review after assigning Ennon & Co, then run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. Furthermore, after finding the money for Ennon & Co to start the handover to a reputable Law Firm, I was informed that Ennon & Co has only handed over a very small proportion of my documents, we can only assume that they lost the rest - it took me years to compile this information, and I now have to start from the beginning again. By the way, we are still waiting on a response from Ennon & Co...
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