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    • Recognised sole practitioner law practice
    • SRA ID: 267089
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    Disabled access to building
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Prakash P.
13 March 2018
MR AMIT @ MANIS SOLICITORS DESTROYERS OF MY LIFE. I trusted him going to help resolve my divorce issues. Instead he and my ex take me to dry cleaners. He charged me over £32.000 and ask me in cash so he don’t have to show to vat mens. He loves commenting fraud and he’s is legal adviser. He buy property in and around Thornton Heath and Croydon rent them out that you don’t want to live in as a human been. Only used MR AMIT if you’re loaded in your bank.
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Valerie-Suzette J.
28 September 2018
PLEASE TELL ME THAT MY FAMILY IS NOT A VICTIM OF INTERNATIONAL PROBATE FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY I do not yet have all the facts, however, my sixth sense, my gut feeling is that my family's affairs are currently in the hand of fraudsters. Mr Ahmet Patel, everything that you and your friends are doing suggests an International Scam. I do hope that I am wrong. If not , your execution of your duties is without heart or compassion, or reasoning for that matter. For sure without respect. You are not professional in your tone, manner, in your behaviour. Elderly Financial Abuse is on the rise, and has even been featured on the BBC News. I will contacting all the authorities and seeking their assistance in this matter. I have given you a gracious one year. I have written to you politely. I will get the attention of the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Action Fraud, The Courts I will find other victims. Should I be wrong, I am apologising in advance. Should I be right: I will expose you. Posted with Love and with God as my guide . . . x x x
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