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Elke-Louise C.
18 October 2018
Unfortunately my motor insurance claim was given to this company - 2 years post accident I'm still in pain and have received little in the way of progress from this company - 7 different people dealing with my claim to date ( they cant seem to keep their staff) and no contact in response to queries, promises of call backs unfulfilled .. the list goes on.. give them a wide berth unless like me you had no choice in which case you have my sympathies
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John A.
19 February 2019
Claim ongoing with them , no response to emails. Not kept up to date with what is going on 6 months down the line and i have no idea what the situation is and they do not respond to emails or phone calls
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Julie B.
05 March 2019
Like a previous disenchanted client, I too have been dealing with this company for over two years. I too have had at least six "handlers" who have no idea about my claim. I have been desperately trying to bring an end to my claim. I have had conflicting information when I have contacted them, however lately my phone calls have not been answered and when I have tried previous numbers they have been unobtainable? I was told my case was with counsel and would be answered in up to 10 days, a month ago!then I was told not all of my notes had been returned after receiving an e-mail to say they had been read and sent to Counsel. Where do I go from here?
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Helen F.
27 November 2019
We are the same situation as others, my husband was involved in a car accident (not at fault) and 18 months down the line with multiple changes of people "dealing with" the case. The added stress of this is adding to my husbands already delicate mental health. I think it's time to go to the ombudsman.
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zoe l.
25 December 2019
I had no choice but to give Ageas one star, but they do not deserve that. We had a car accident in 2014 and my daughter was injured. She still hasn't received a payout despite the other driver admitting fault. Her claim has been passed around 10+ case handlers and nothing is ever chased up apart from when I complain and moan. Recently it's been four months since they last contacted me, despite me emailing them. The company are an utter joke.
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