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Sammy J.
16 November 2017
Decided to use these as they were local so thought I'd have a more personal service but I wish now I had just used an online firm, saved some money and probably got a better service. Things were just sent to me in the post without any prior notification or explaination of what they were, which you'd think was just common courtesy. No clear guidance was given when I asked about what I had been sent and was even told by the person on the other end if the phone that they did not know either! I was nevet kept updated, I always called them. Calls were returned via email instead of a call back. Money was taken even after I said not to. Incorrect information given as was looking at someone else's file! I was expecting to meet my solicitor face to face in order to go though all the information they had, as it meant nothing to me, which has been standard practice whenever I have used a solicitor in the past and another reason why I chose a local firm yet this never happened and I was told that if I had wanted to do that then I should have asked. They finally refused me to tears 2 days before completion due to their lack of communication and inability to explain things clearly. They had no thought for me the customer and it was evident that this was the attitude throughout the company as when I complained to Mr Sam Hawking himself he felt I had no reason to complain and that his staff were not at fault at all. They offer £50 if a call is not returned that day yet I was not even offered £10 for the failures I received throughout my experience with his company. Very very disappointing.
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